our goals

Simab Tabriz Company, due to the expertise and efficiency of the trained forces, is committed to providing appropriate advice and solutions to all customers and doing all things, safely, on time and without defects, using modern science and technology, beyond Knows the needs of customers.


our services

Hard cream

Repairing of continuous casting copper molds

Hard cream

Hard Chrome Plating


Manufacturing and Repair


Thermal spraying

Subarc Welding

Mirror polish

Super Finishing

Reconstruction of Crankshaft

Repairing of Crankshafts with Hard Chrome

about us

Simab Tabriz Company was established in 1984 and as a certified pioneer of hard chrome industry and reconstruction of industrial companies in Iran, it launches spontaneously. After being established with the services provided, this company can have its power by providing the services of its service providers and in this regard can be able to operate as a consulting service by using various industries in different fields in Iran.

Simab Tabriz Company in 2005 in order to redistribute new and excellent jobs to its obligations, using the knowledge and top consultants in the field of spontaneous management in the campuses of Shahid Salimi University of Tabriz on a land area of ​​10,000 translators and The working hall of the site is 3000 thousand square meters.

The company has efficient services in the construction and re-creation of industrial capability and can turn itself into various industrial companies as a consultant in its specialized field.

The company is currently providing licensing and development (R&D) The company is currently overseeing the new story and providing other services.